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Innovative Office System


Moboxo is a highly mobile, flexible, modular furniture system - organisational furniture and transportation at the same time. The focus is first of all on consistent mobility. The system is no longer adapted to spatial structures but to processes and operational procedures. With module adapters Moboxo can be assembled to existing furniture and under desks. Thereby Moboxo supports workplace-independent concepts such as „flex working“ and „desk sharing“ without restricting the employees’ identity.

Moboxo Modulaufbau

Moboxo has been designed for professional continuous use. The development of Moboxo has been promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the context of a research and development subsidy program.

Moboxo is under patent protection.

Moboxo Office Box

The mobile office box is the core component and the smallest autonomous module of the system. The module acts as a drawer in stationary state and changes into a means of transport (suitcase) with just one action.