Moboxo is equipped with a smart control system that recognizes when the box is in drawer mode and when it is in suitcase mode. Thus the drawer function is blocked when the box is in the suitcase mode and vice versa. Thereby the handling is simple and intuitive for the user. Operating errors are impossible. 

This unique bi-functionality of Moboxo can be achieved with a sliding and folding function that is hidden in the side walls of the box (technical room).

The sophisticated lock mechanism combined with the fully retractable handle locks both the drawer and the suitcase. Thereby Moboxo becomes a mobile lock box.



Drawer Function

Moboxo Schießfächer geschlossen

Moboxo can be used as a desk drawer. The guide is smooth rolling, fully extendable and self-closing. The lid from the suitcase function remains under the table surface or in the piece of furniture.

A module adapter contrives that Moboxo can be easily attached as drawer under each desk or shelves. The adapter is easy to install and almost invisible. Moboxo has to be pushed into the adapter, snaps in and is then fixed in position.







Moboxo Schießfächer offenA cylinder lock with an exchangeable core enables working with lock groups. Optionally Moboxo can be equipped with electronic locking systems.



Suitcase Function

When switching between different desks, participating in meetings, or working from home you can easily take Moboxo with you and use it as a suitcase on the go. 

With an upward handle movement you release Moboxo from the snap lock and the drawer can be removed as a suitcase. 

The grip of Moboxo becomes a stable carrying handle. 

When the two buttons which are integrated in the lateral parts of the suitcase are pushed the lid rotates open. The content of the box is as easily accessible as in the drawer mode. 


Mobox Koffer offenMoboxo Koffer

Caddy Function

Through a specifically designed moving device Moboxo becomes a caddy when required. It then can very easily be taken anywhere. 


Moboxo CaddyMoboxo Caddygestell

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